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Related experience

facial analysis (corrective make-up)  

Natural and fashion techniques

custom blending foundation

Body Painting 

Foam latex and Silicone prosthetics

Laid facial hair

Period inspired 

Bald caps

Bruises, injuries, burns, scrapes, scars

Make-up Designory, New York

Multi Media Make-up Artistry program (612 hours) March 2019

Kenyon College 2018, BA, Art History 

Saturday Night Live, Ventilator at SNL wig shop


Professional Apprenticeship Program at the Juilliard School 2019-2020: wigs/makeup department

Finalist at IMATS NYC Battle of the brushes, April 2019


Make-up assistant to Aria Ferraro on BLUE BISON directed and starring Camrus Johnson, June 2019

Make-up and hair, short film directed by Eric John Morton, Columbia MFA, June 2019


Make-up/hair, short film directed by Kosaku Horiwaki, Fierstein graduate school of Cinema, April 2019

Sfx Make-up, short film directed by Colette Robicheaux, April 2019

Sfx make-up, music video directed by Dillon Moore starring Maya Hawke, April 2019 


Make-up/wardrobe, short film,  "Hot Pink at a Funeral" June 2018

Key Make-up, short film "Playing with Matches"

directed by Neil Leifer, July 2018

Make-up, music video, directed by Jordan Rowe, August 2018


 Make-up Designer, Theatre for the New City, PHARAOH, NYC, MARCH-APRIL (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19), Directed by Michael Posnick

Make-up SFX Designer, YEAR OF THE MONKEY, The Tank, NYC, June 2019

Make-up/wardrobe/ in Kenyon College drama department productions 2016-2018:


Annapurna, Sharr White

Body Awareness, Annie Baker

MUD, Maria Irene Fornes

Rosencrantz & Gildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard

Comedy of Errors, Shakespeare 

Heathers, The musical

Dinner, Moira Buffini 


Make-up, La Coess skin care ad

Make-up, 2019

Make-up Vanity Teen Magazine feature, 2019

Hair work, Salyse Magazine, 2019

"Study Hall", make-up, wardrobe and art direction with photographer Isabelle Brauer, 2019

Published work:

Make-up Artist Magazine, Battle of the Brushes work.

Hair work, published in Salyse Magazine, 2019

Vanity Teen Magazine, online feature of make-up work.


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